Calling Anyone Who Needs a New Vehicle 

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Animal Park

Today was my first time visiting the animal park, here in Weyburn,  and I do have to say that my family enjoyed it.  To most people, they thought it would be for the animals but in actual content,  it wasn’t.   Don’t get me wrong, the kids sure loved seeing the animals but the high light of the time there was the toys.  The sides and swings made my kids happy as can be which we never really knew about it. The lama, pigs, bunnies, and even the sheep with the goats were all hits as well.  If you have not been there,  you just need to go.  Trust me.  

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Slacking I know!

I know the web site has not been updated in a while but we are working on something sweet.

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City and the water conservation

The purpose of establishing the water conservation Bylaw is to assist the City in the management of our
drinking water as a sustainable resource, to protect the water environment, and to meet current and future
demand of the City and the surrounding users. The goals of water conservation efforts include:
 Ensuring availability of water for future generations.
 To assist with water quality at Nickle Lake which in turn provides a better quality of water to the
 Habitat protection by minimizing human water use so the withdrawal of fresh water from Nickle
Lake does not exceed its natural replacement rate, preserving freshwater habitats for wildlife.
The Following Water Restrictions are in effect June 1, 2016
Odd/Even Watering:
 Odd numbered street addresses may water lawns and gardens on Mondays, Thursdays and
 Even numbered street addresses may water lawns and gardens on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Waterless Wednesday:
 No lawn and garden watering on Wednesdays
Wasting of Water Not Permitted:
 Repair leaky toilets, faucets and sprinkler systems
 Do not wash hard surfaces – spraying driveways, patios, sidewalks or walkways
 New sod or seeded lawns
 Driveway sealers or other construction surface treatments that must be washed off
Exemption Permits
 Exemption permits must be obtained from the Engineering Office in City Hall (157 3rd Street
NE). There is no charge.
 $250 to $1,000 for homeowners
 $2,500 to $10,000 for businesses
For more information, please go to
City Page ad – June 1st, 2016

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Arizona TV reporter arrested for allegedly pooping on lawn while covering a story

A TV reporter covering a story in the Phoenix area couldn’t wait to go #2, according to a police report obtained by his station KPHO/KTVK.

Police responded to a 911 call reporting a man publicly defecating on a private property in Goodyear, Arizona. The victim stated a news van was parked in front of her residence for about 40 minutes before she recognized Jonathan Lowe get out of the vehicle.

After picking up several papers from the street, the victim said she watched Lowe walk across the street, and “squat while leaning against the wall of the residence and proceeded to defecate in the yard.”

The victim said “that if Jonathan had knocked on their door, she would’ve let him use their bathroom.”

When police questioned Lowe, he said he had been feeling “very sick and I’ve been stuck in this van all day.”

“So, I went over to that person’s yard and took care of business.”

Lowe told police they were called because the victims “just wanted to start problems.”

He was arrested for public defecation, and no longer works for the TV station.


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